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The RedFoot Hydraulic Auto Levelling System

Because the Earth is not Flat


 RedFoot Levelling System


 RedFoot StabiVan System



Can’t bend, twist, squat anymore, got a frozen shoulder, Old football joint?

Difficult to level with all those blocks of wood, plastic ramps etc?

Sick of cooking when the oil is not level?

Hate sleeping when the bed is not level?

How about when the shower floor is not level and won’t drain?

Your slide-out won't slide?

Solved with the press of a button!


Why Levelling Jacks? What’s wrong with stabilizers? We all know the true answer to that. Stabilizers do just that – Stabilize.

They are not designed to lift AND steady.

One of our popular requests is can we STOP the vehicle from moving when our companion has to get up in the middle of the night. Yes! We can.

Custom Designed and fiitted for these Australian Vehicle Chassis:

Iveco 70C, Iveco 50C, Fiat Alko, Fiat X250, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 5th wheel trailers

Caravan Electric Leveling systems also available

12volt and 24volt systems available and other custom chassis designs

All Redfoot levelling systems are custom designed and fitted to individual chassis and feature

  • All Powered hydraulic system are 12 volt DC powered.
  • All NEW wireless remote control.
  • System cannot "twist" your frame.
  • NO springs or hinges to rust or fail.
  • All hydrauilic cylinders are powered UP and DOWN
  • All hydraulic cylinder rods are double hard chromed to a thickness of 25 micron.  This dramatically reduces pitting and seal wear.
  • All hydraulic cylinders are prevented from "sagging" by fixed non-return valves.
  • Huge 10" x 10" foot pads to prevent sinking (when down, you are the only one that can move your vehicle. You are locked to the ground.) That's security!
  • Easy Plug and Play wiring - no soldering needed - electrician not required for installation.
  • Flexible custom measured hydraulic lines.  No special tools needed.
  • Hydraulic cylinders minimum rating is 5 Tonne each.


From our Customers:

"Many thanks for your contact.
We have your Red Foot fitted and it was done by Omnibus Bus in Canningvale, and they did a fantastic job, would highly recommend them as they made some really important mods to ensure structural strength and functionality was maintained.
Your information and pricing was the deal clincher and I decided to get professionals to do the work as they had all the tooling and knowledge.
I have promoted the system every time I meet a Bus / RV big enough to use it, just love having it and wouldn’t have a mobile home without it.

Yours faithfully
Brendon & Andrea"

"Thanks for the follow up with jacks.
We have installed a set on our motorhome and love the the push button process to level our motorhome and also the added benifit of motorhome being very stable with jacks down.

David "

"I have a Redfoot system installed 10 months ago, and I am Very happy with it. Could not do without it.
It levels the motorhome and makes it very stable.
All the best,



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